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Envision is an event solutions company based in Belgium, on a mission to turn nonspace wastelands into experiential wonderlands. We live and breathe stretch tents and structural technology to bring spectacular ideas to life. Designing and building spaces that bring people together, create unity, and community, is what gets us jumping out of bed each day.

We love a good challenge and we’re always looking to push the boundaries of what’s been done before. Creativity, innovation, and making out-of-this-world experiences happen, is at the forefront of our business.


Creative thinking is supported in part by our ability to imagine the future — our capacity to envision experiences that have not yet occurred.

Roger E. Beaty

Meet the team

How do we get it done right? Our team is made up of industry experts and relationships we’ve formed over many years with some of the brightest minds and hard-working hands in the business. It takes a special and dedicated team to go the distance when it comes to getting shit done — these are our people.

Sven Luyten
Founder | General Manager
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With a long-time background in the event space, Sven is the OG at Envision. He found his passion for the stretch tent business in 2013 and runs many facets of the business, including creative direction, research and development, and envisioning the business into the future.

Sven got involved in the flourishing Belgium club scene in the 90’s, ran a record store for a number of years and has always been involved in event production. He lives for creating something from scratch, developing ideas into functional concepts, and having fun with the Envision tribe while organising incredible experiences.

His best moment under a tent was at Paradise City Arena in 2018, with Laurent Garnier playing the closing set under a flying hexagon setup floating over a pumping dancefloor. He believes in 50 years ‘beam me up’ projection will be a standard mode of travel and his favourite sandwich is a South African chicken mayo toastie with extra cheese, chilli and avocado - it’s all in the details.

Thijs Brans
Business Advisor

Thijs is Envision’s business advisor, as well as envisionnaire and sparring partner for Sven. He has a retail background with 28 years experience. His journey has taken him from the shop floor to the corporate boardroom. He is inspired to work with entrepreneurs, helping them structure and professionalise their businesses.

His best moment under a tent was while camping on the plains in South Africa, with lions roaring close by in the deep of night. In 50 years he thinks he’ll probably be dead or 101, but if he’s still up and at it, he hopes to still be beer tasting, playing guitar and happily married to his wife. Thijs is all about the breakfast sandwich: egg, bacon, tomato and cheese.

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Ine Cauberghe
Vibe Manager

As the vibe manager, Ine takes the company culture seriously, ensuring no birthday is missed and there are delicious pastries in the office on every Friday. She also oversees all administration, logistics and invoicing. She and her husband previously owned a successful piercing studio alongside their own event company producing large-scale events. A highlight was their Infectious Minds event with live acts, lasers, a decor team from Sweden and a stilt walker from Bali.

Her best memory under a tent was Boom Festival in Protugal in 2004. Oh the memories! In 50 years she believes space tourism will be common, we’ll be communicating through our minds and hoverboards will be the new bikes. When it comes to sandwhiches, Ine keeps it simple with a classic BLT.

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