150 years

Duvel Moortgat

A specialty brand in a lead role that, with its rich history and contemporary and dynamic identity, brings people together to form new memories and enjoy the vibrant, but busy, modern existence.


The briefing

Client | 
Duvel Moortgat
Assigned by | 
Wasserman Benelux
Photo/Video | 
Mari Blue, Blombergfilms

The phone rang in the spring of 2021 creating a buzz at Envision HQ and leading to an immersive experience for all partners involved. The Wasserman Benelux team invited us to participate in the 150th celebration of the legendary Belgian brewery Duvel Moortgat. Duvel? Hell yeah!


The brief was to create a unique tent structure as a central meeting point and eye-catcher for the 3 day event being held at the brewery premises in Puurs, Belgium. The challenge was to design and integrate our structure and its installation in a working brewery with a tight timeline to accomplish it all.

Bring everyone together

Together with their partners, customers, employees and plenty beer lovers, we celebrated 150 years of the Duvel Moortgat brewery. Visitors to the brewery had a great time, enjoyed a fresh Duvel at the Grand Cafe, and all the different experiences and concerts.

Try new things, meet new people, adopt new passions... and embrace change as much as possible.

The Duvel Grand Cafe

How we solved the problem

After green-lighting the project, and the first phase of development, we moved into the second stage of designing the exclusive structure for this unique brand experience. Diving into extensive structural needs for the massive structure’s identity, we started the process of getting into the details. For the beating heart of this unrepeated design, we needed to look beyond the regular and standard construction tools to give this fresh and rather daring construction a solid and safe base that could handle a lot of tension.

Solid foundations

A strong heart cannot keep a body standing on its own. For that we need a solid nervous system, the right connections and strength. We provide every unique design with its own custom rigging set. The well-balanced hybrid combination of event trussing, organic stretch and natural elements makes our designs unexcelled.

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