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Kicking off the European festival season in style with six impressive Districts, Extrema Outdoor always follows a commitment to promoting inclusivity, positivity and a sense of family. XO makes everyone feel at home.


The briefing

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Extrema Outdoor
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Extrema Outdoor Belgium
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Situated on the shores of the beautiful recreational lake of the Kelchterhoef, Extrema Outdoor has, for the last decade, delivered a continuous stream of top notch international electronic sound experiences.


We think in challenges, not problems. So when Extrema Outdoor called us to find a solution for their structural problem-child, District 1, our creative juices started flowing. For years the beach district didn’t live up to its full potential, whilst nevertheless having it all: beach, water, sunshine… and a lot of bass!

Withstand any weather

The only stage where grains of sand jump between your toes to pumping bass frequencies, also has intrinsic geographical properties. Production wise, every event producer knows that "beach" plus "stage" equals (besides carrying a deserts-worth of sand in your shoes all day), a logistical nightmare where every step counts double.

Rising to the challenge is the best way to feel accomplishment — the thrill of the challenge is where it’s at for us.

The Beach Stage just before prime time

How we solved the problem

Rowdy, industrial and rough, that was the brief. And so, we got going, creating a blasting dance floor by using one of our modular structures. Not just cool, but also smart: we managed to eliminate the height difference on the beach, and using some pretty nifty structural thinking, we simplified our installation process. We arrived on a pristine beach early Monday morning, and on the seventh day, a pounding dance floor was born and enjoyed by thousands of music lovers.

Engineering and design

As safety is our number one priority for you, as part of our global community, we work with multiple internal and external experts in the field of structural engineering and think carefully about every aspect of your events needs. All construction is delivered with a custom engineering report for your events safety dossier.

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