BEA Award for FFE's

House of HR festival

Leading HR group, House of HR, had wild plans to celebrate their Happy Rebels, so Fast Forward Events organised a big, bright, bold festival for them with result.


The briefing

Client | 
House of HR
Assigned by | 
Fast Forward
Photo/Video | 
STL Visuals, Blombergfilms

Thousands of attendees from all over Europe, top international acts and well deserved BEA World awards in the field of Cultural & Musical event and Incentive/Team-building.

A true celebration

Inspired by our modular hexagonal constructions, Fast Forward Events connected with us to create our signature look and feel for one of their power house stages, the Rebel Shelter. After contributing and exchanging conceptual ideas, the rather unusual - or at least peculiar to us - request came, asking if it was also possible to make a reduced version of our original Hex 900 structure?

Say what? Smaller? 

As nothing is impossible, we reversed our thinking cap and developed a cosy and intimate 300 sqm hybrid structure, creating a whole world of love and life while guarding the hexagon’s intrinsic values; easy for all AV solutions. With its unique substructure ballasted and anchored safely into the beach, this hub of good vibes nurtured a thousand enthusiastic Happy Rebels into the early hours.

Celebrating love and music together.

A truly bespoke experience, in which no effort or expense was spared.

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